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Incorporation and Fiduciary

Let us navigate the complexities of company incorporation for you, whether in Cyprus or other jurisdictions. Our comprehensive range of services includes professional advice, nominee shareholders, secretarial support, and maintaining statutory records. We handle everything, from minutes of meetings to legalizations, ensuring your company is compliant and thriving.

This service offering includes:

  • Company formation in Cyprus and other jurisdictions utilising our extensive network of agents
  • Provision of professional directors;
  • Provision of nominee shareholders;
  • Provision of Secretary & Secretarial Services;
  • Provision of registered address;
  • Maintaining and safekeeping the statutory records and registers of the company;
  • Appointing auditors;
  • Maintaining in safe custody the common seal of the company;
  • Preparing the minutes of the directors’ and shareholders’ meetings;
  • Calling Annual General Meetings and take Minutes of the AGMs;
  • Preparing and filing the company’s annual return;
  • Issuing and safe keeping certificates;
  • Arranging for legalisation and certification of documents;
  • Arranging for any changes in the Company’s share capital, shareholders and beneficial interest of the company;
  • Arranging for any changes in the directorship/secretariat of the Company;
  • Arranging for any changes in the Company’s Articles of Association;
  • Registering company pledges and any other charges;
  • Undertaking company searches;
  • Issuing of powers of attorney;
  • Issuing any Directors’ or Secretaries’ certificates;
  • Dissolution services.
  • Preparing all documentation and filing the Company’s Ultimate Beneficial Owner  at the correspondent Ultimate Beneficial Owner register

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